Aries Rising Sign: What Aries Ascendant Means In Your Chart

Everyone knows their Sun sign, but what about their Rising sign? Every person has a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in their birth chart.

Your Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant sign, is in the first house of your natal chart. But while Moon signs represent your hidden self, your Ascendant sign represents the “mask” you present to others in social situations. This sign is your first impression on people when you meet them.

Your Rising sign is in the zodiac sign that was positioned on the Ascendant at the exact time of your birth. To find your Rising or Ascendant sign, you need to know the exact time you were born; otherwise, even being off by a few minutes can give you an incorrect Rising sign.

You can calculate your natal chart and Rising sign using a calculator — that’s the best way to determine which Rising sign you have!

But what does it mean to have an Aries Ascendant or Aries Rising sign?

What It Means To Have An Aries Ascendant Sign

Aries is a Fire sign, so if you have this zodiac sign as your Rising sign, your attitude, appearance and the first impression is hot. That means hot-headed, bold, and sometimes comes off as overwhelming.

Since Aries’ ruling planet is Mars, they are not afraid to bring the temperature up to win. And since Aries rules the head, they are constantly fired up.


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