Happy Family Portraits Bring Powerful Happiness & Protection Feng Shui

There are so many wonderful benefits that come from displaying a large picture or painting of the whole family, highlighted on the main wall in the main living room area of ​​any home. The family portrait instantly puts the spotlight on the togetherness aspect of the family, featuring the strong Patriarch, the nurturing Mother and … Read more

Clearing Out the Clutter

So much of feng shui is making the effort to clear old energy to create the vacuum that instantly sucks in the new. Lillian Too says that keeping the energy of homes fresh is an ongoing exercise. Incorporate this aspect of feng shui into your daily life to always feel uplifted and joyous. It’s not … Read more

15 Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Singles For Luck, Career

Are you looking for the right Feng Shui Bedroom colors for yourself? Here is your go-to guide for Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Singles, everything that you need to know! In recent years, the western world has embraced Feng Shui with great enthusiasm. Modern Feng Shui has grown from its origins as a mostly Chinese … Read more

How To Dispose Of Feng Shui Items: Broken, Old Cures, Wallet

How to dispose of feng shui items? The practice of Feng shui has benefited many people across the world. As an ancient Chinese practice, feng shui embraces useful elements and principles that govern life and promotes the ultimate flow of positive energy into a space. Apart from promoting the free flow of positive energy, feng … Read more