How Jupiter In Aries Effects Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscopes, May 2022 – October 2022

We cannot say that the universe does not have our back, as Jupiter in Aries makes life a whole lot better during the Mercury retrograde that we have going on at the same time.

Thank you Jupiter in Aries, for saving us, because this retrograde is going to shake the joint up, and we’ll be needing as much self-confidence and affirmation as we can get.

We’ve got the biggest planet in our solar system, known for imparting broad-minded and positive thinking, in the zodiac sign of Aries, the ultimate warrior. It’s as if we can now see everything as being possible.

We have the backbone to carry out the hardest of tasks, and the mental strength to keep on keeping on.

Because we will be continuously teased by Mercury in retrograde, we will happily accept Jupiter in Aries as a helping hand during this harsh time. Jupiter in Aries is like the exit hatch that we didn’t know existed, and now that we do know of its existence, we barrel through it like gangbusters.

Jupiter in Aries lets us know that we do not have to suffer — no matter what the issue is, we do not have to suffer. We are also not dependent on others to save us; we save ourselves, and that is directly related to Jupiter in Aries.

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Enthusiasm, positive energy, ambition, freethinking, and power. These are all keywords that will pop up during this transit. If you feel the pull of the retrograde, do not worry: Jupiter in Aries has enough positive energy to get you through this.


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