How Mercury Retrograde In Gemini Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope From May To June 2022

Between May 10 and June 3, we have one of the most notorious transits known to humankind, and that, of course, is Mercury retrograde, which falls in Gemini and Taurus. This is the second Mercury retrograde of 2022, as the first took place between January 13 through February 3. We lived through that one, and … Read more

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Relationships, Per Astrology

You’ve definitely heard of Mercury retrograde, but you may or may not know what it is. Mercury retrograde usually happens a few times a year and lasts a few weeks. It’s when the planet of communication (Mercury) appears to be moving backward in its orbit. It’s not actually moving backward, it just seems that way. … Read more

How The Quarter Moon In Leo Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope The Rest Of May 2022

The Quarter Moon in Leo is no ordinary transit; it’s the cosmic event that can help us believe in both ourselves and in our circumstances. This sliver of a Moon is what ties us to belief, itself. From our belief, we create the world around us, and if we look up and catch the silver-blue … Read more

How Venus In Aries Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Each Horoscope From May 2 To May 28, 2022

OK, we’ve got roughly a month to get whatever it is that we need to get out of our systems OUT. This refers to the general state of being that we’ll all be experiencing during Venus in Aries, which lasts just about the entire duration of May 2022. What starts on May 2, ends on … Read more

How The April 2022 ‘Chaotic’ Solar Eclipse In Taurus Affects Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope All Year

April 2022 has a lot going on and much of what’s happening in astrology effects each zodiac sign’s horoscope in a certain way. April 30, 2022 not only concludes the month for us but it brings with it some major influences involving the Moon, the Sun, and Uranus in the most stubborn sign of the … Read more

How The ‘Spontaneous’ Last Quarter Moon In Aquarius Affects Each Zodiac Sign For The Rest Of April 2022

Today brings us the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius, and being that we are so very influenced by lunar transits, this final phase of the Moon in Aquarius should be noted for its effect on us. Each sign of the Zodiac here today will be affected in its own way, whether it touches upon business, … Read more

How The Pink Full Moon In Libra Affects Each Zodiac Sign For The Rest Of April 2022

Go outside to see the monthly Full Moon because it’s here, and tonight, on April 16, 2022, it takes place in the zodiac sign of Libra. This Full Moon is also known as the “Pink” Full Moon, and its powerful, friends. So, how will the ‘Pink’ Full Moon in Libra affect each zodiac sign’s horoscope … Read more

How The Quarter Moon In Cancer Affects Each Zodiac Sign The Entire Month Of April 2022

This April 2022, we will experience the Quarter Moon in Cancer and this energy lasts all month. What this means is that we will be marking a ‘halfway point’ in our lives, and it affects each zodiac sign in a unique way. This is a turning point, a chance to go this way or that. … Read more