The Discipline and Dynamics of the 6th House: Rising Above the Challenges of Health and Co-Worker

Email WhatsApp LinkedIn Twitter Messenger Facebook The 6th house is a house of enemies, disease, litigation, digestive power, and everyday work. From the 5th house, we learned about expressing our feelings and concepts to others. In the 6th house, we have to learn how to work with our enemies and even defeat others and their … Read more

Remedies for House Issues: The Secret is in The Karaka

Email WhatsApp LinkedIn Twitter Messenger Facebook The houses have natural planets called karakas that are the keys to each house and those significations are often the remedies to the situation. Some houses have more than one significator. The First House: The Sun is the natural significator and the karaka for health. The Second House: Jupiter … Read more


Email WhatsApp LinkedIn Twitter Messenger Facebook The 12th House and Our Blind Spots Astrologers tend to superficially lump the 12th house challenges into losses, expenditures, and foreign places but it is much richer. The 12th House is deeply valued in the Vedic tradition because it brings in a deep, subconscious realm and introduces the rich, … Read more

11 Feng Shui West Facing House Rules For Luck + Prosperity

According to science, everything, whether it is a non-living object or an animate thing, is made out of energy. Energy is never generated or destroyed, and this is something that you’ll find in the basic law of thermodynamics too. Feng Shui west facing house is all about changing the form of energy that is already … Read more

How You Will Die, According To Astrology, Pluto And The 8th House

There are many elements in astrology that can be associated with death. It may be tied in to the natal chart, transits, and progressions. There can be astrological indicators of a long life, a shorter one, a volatile death, or a peaceful one. I will talk about some indicators of how, when, where this can … Read more

15 Signs Of Good Feng Shui House For Plenty, Luck & Peace

Good Feng Shui House? As the world revolves, the taste of people keeps changing and this influences their choice of making everything around them look great. This is also applicable to shelter. As time passes, people are occupied with ways to improve the feng shui in their homes, with the quest of enjoying more happiness, … Read more

15 Golden Rules Of Feng Shui House For Luck And Prosperity

In this blog, we are going to present you the 15 Golden Rules Of Feng Shui House For Luck And Prosperity. On account that you’re seemingly getting very prevalent with the indoors of your home, it’s a good idea to fill it with positivity by implementing Feng Shuithe ancient Chinese that apply stability and make … Read more