Capricorn Rising Sign: What Capricorn Ascendant Means In Your Chart

When we think about our personality in astrology, we sometimes think that our Sun sign is the only placement that defines us. But this couldn’t be more incorrect! While we are most familiar with our zodiac sign, there is more than just one part of our birth chart. In fact, a very important part of … Read more

Gemini Rising Sign: What Gemini Ascendant Means In Your Chart

We may be most familiar with our zodiac sign, also known as our Sun sign, but there is more than just one part of a birth chart. In fact, the placement of our planets in zodiac signs is what makes us who we are! An important part of our personality comes from our Rising sign. … Read more

Taurus Rising Sign: What Taurus Ascendant Means In Your Chart

While most of us are familiar with our Sun sign, also known as our zodiac sign, we may neglect the other important aspects of our birth chart. That’s especially true when it comes to our Rising sign. Unlike your Moon sign, which represents your emotions and how you connect to others, your Rising sign, or … Read more

Aries Rising Sign: What Aries Ascendant Means In Your Chart

Everyone knows their Sun sign, but what about their Rising sign? Every person has a Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in their birth chart. Your Rising sign, also known as your Ascendant sign, is in the first house of your natal chart. But while Moon signs represent your hidden self, your Ascendant sign represents the … Read more

What Is My Rising Sign? What Your Ascendant Sign Means

When it comes to astrology, we tend to put the most focus on the date we were born. We tend to believe that this is the defining element of our personality. The passionate Leo rules over the month of August, December belongs to Sagittarius, and so on. We are able to easily identify ourselves by … Read more

What Your Neptune Sign Means In Astrology

There are 10 planets that appear in our natal charts, and Neptune is one of them. Neptune is considered an “outer planet,” or generational planets (along with Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus), which represent life circumstances and the way worldly situations affect you from an external standpoint. The “personal planets,” on the other hand (which … Read more

What The Astrology Of February 2, 2022 Means For Your Love Horoscope, By Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign will feel something unique on February 2, 2022, and it may reveal most in the areas of love and relationships. As we enter the 2-2-22 energy portal we will be overcome with an enormous amount of balanced love, both for ourselves and others in our life. Neptune will be at 22 degrees … Read more